A Global Event Management Agency in Singapore

For Live Communications & Event Management

a desire becomes a planned visual,

a planned visual becomes an asthetic concept,

an asthetic concept becomes immersive emotions,

immersive emotions creates a visionary reality

a visionary reality becomes your live event! 

Changing Small Ideas To Deliver Big Concepts 

innovative creatives through technology.

re-inventing our mindset for immersive concepts

digital multidisciplinary resources

platform to deliver quantifiable impact with value.

MacGyver International Team

We are a multidisciplinary team with over 30 years of experience, a diverse team of creative strategists and project managers, who conceptualize, design, and deliver impactful experiences, by fusing creativity and technical innovation together, we stand apart and away from ‘a norm experience’. A journey with our clients are beyond bold. Experience event technology innovation at its best.

Our experience has made us global experts, passionate in the field of Live Events! We plan so that we can reach the optimal output.

A Global Event Management Agency in Singapore